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Fairy Godmothers of Fandom

Feedback you can use

Feedback Fairies
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The world needs another rec journal, right?

Your hosts are cincodemaygirl and jenna_thorn.
Pull up a chair and have a cup of tea. To suggest a work for review, please comment in this post.

Here are the fandoms we read in:
Comics, both Marvel-verse and DC-verse (iffy and old school)
Harry Potter
LotR movie and book (though if we discuss a book-verse one, jenna_thorn is going to get canon-y),
Pirates of the Carribean
Stargate: Atlantis
Gaiman-verse (Sandman, Endless, American Gods, Good Omens)
Whedon-verse (Angel, Buffy, Firefly)

Arrested Development
Due South
Gilmore Girls
Grey's Anatomy
Sports Night
Star Trek
Veronica Mars
Miscellaneous films

but really that's less important than why we decided to create a feedback community.

We suck at giving feedback. Well, maybe not exactly suck, but. We both beta, and sometimes feedback seems like a tiny drop in the bucket compared to the difference we are sometimes given the opportunity to make in a story. jenna_thorn has a tendency to open the comments screen and stare at the blinking cursor before closing it in despair. cincodemaygirl tries valiantly to feedback, but more often than not becomes trapped in the immediately post-reading *happy sigh* period and becomes wordless, and we thought that if we picked a fic, discussed it and thought out our reasoning beforehand, we'd be 1) more likely to leave feedback in the first place and 2) more likely to leave something that might be of use to the author. Because as much as we all love comments like "!!Wow!!", as sometimes-writers ourselves, we know that feedback of that ilk doesn't really help us to grow as writers. Also, the giddy joy wears off (or so we've heard! we haven't gotten enough to tire of them!)

Comments are welcome, suggestions are welcome, new members are welcome, and trolls will be banned as soon as one of us notices. We are soft gentle squishy people. Mostly.